Sunday, December 09, 2012


7:30 Sunday night and I am finished all the gifts I wanted to make that needed to be mailed. Now anything I start making is either for someone locally, something for my shop or something for me.

And speaking of my shop - two good things happened to me last week. One, a friend of mine with 5500 friends promo'd me on her facebook page. That's nice exposure. I am very grateful. And second, I received an invitation to join EtsyBABY which is an exclusive group that promotes shops specializing in baby items. Being part of EtsyBaby gives me more exposure to my shop and they profile items and promote their members, as well, it's not so easy to get in so getting an invitation is a good thing. I am very grateful and very excited. As soon as I wrap and mail my out-of-town gifts tomorrow, I will start working on my MustHaveThat Etsy store (see right side bar for the link) and figure out a game plan. I have some very good advice to follow from my Number 1 fan - my brother and from Leonie Dawson who offers several how-to business course and planners etc  - so  definitely have my work cut out for me.

 I am very pleased to have completely my hand-made Christmas gifts "on schedule" and look forward to some 'free' time. I say free in quotes, because it's really stuff that I should put first but always struggle with as I always let the minutia of daily life get in the way. If ever I had a resolution that would be it. To make time for creative time NO MATTER WHAT. Which is kinda what I did to finish this last project, I neglected some housework and cut back on the baking/cooking as I had to get that last gift done.

I have also finished shopping  - unless I have forgotten someone - so I am feeling positive about the next 2 weeks.

How about you? Do you celebrate Christmas? 
Are you on schedule for gifts and preparations? 


Introverted Art said...

Gald you were able to finish such a daunting task :) Your dogs are absolutely adorable.

Laoch of Chicago said...

There really is no greater feeling than waking up on Christmas Eve and saying to yourself. Today is the day to start shopping!

My Little Corner said...

Loach - there is no way that I could every do that!!! I couldn't leave it until the last minute because I'm not a big fan of shopping in the first place and would get frustrated when the crowds slow me down! Glad you're able to do it - do you have many to buy for?
Introverted ARt - thanks you - yes, I'm not quite sure how it got left so late but it's all done!

Laoch of Chicago said...

It really hasn't mattered how many I have to buy for. Thinking ahead of time what you are going to get people is the key.