Friday, December 14, 2012

Sedona Sunsets

The project that I had been rushing to make has arrived and now I can show it to you:

I made these socks for my mom and wanted to include them in her Christmas present box and wanted her to be able to wear them right away (so I didn't wrap them). I am pleased to say that her presents arrived yesterday and she loves the socks. I took a risk because orange isn't my mom's colour, but since there were bits of beige and purple and turquoise in them I hoped she would like them. Besides the colours are to commemorate her recent trip to Scottsdale, AZ and so perhaps every time she looks at her Sedona Sunset Socks she can think of that happy trip. These socks were specially made for her, and I knit them a bit looser so they would fit nicely around her legs and loose on the feet and be easy to put on and take off.

Check out this photo that I borrowed from this site:

See the oranges and purples and
turquoise in there? Similar colours, no? 

It's nice when something you've made is well received. My mom frequently tells me how much she enjoys my homemade socks and so I am happy to make them for her. Jp on the other hand tells me he never wants me to knit for him so I won't.