Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alien Friendship Hat

This is my Alien Friendship Hat  - it's so you can always have your little friend with you - but what's unique is how much of him you'd like to share and who you'll share him with.

 Roll the rim all the way up and he's hidden so only you know he's there...

 or roll it down and let him be visible..


If someone sees him and you didn't want them to, you can always roll back up the
 rim and deny he was ever there is the first place... 
What? I don't have an alien on my head. What are you talking about? 
Are you feeling okay? 

The top is crocheted, the ribbing is knit and the alien is needle felted. The alien is stitched on by his mouth and bellybutton (yes, my aliens have bellybuttons, don't yours?). I may consider writing up the pattern, if you're interested let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Love IT!
I'm surprised you posted pictures of my birthday present before you sent it to me. But then, that is a clever way to give a gift.

da Brudder

Introverted Art said...

i LOVE this little ET hat!!!!

My Little Corner said...

Anonymous - what makes you think it was for you?

Introverted Art - Thank You!

Anonymous said...

cause you're SMRT

And you know I'm still looking to replace my little alien earing I wore for years and years.


da brudder

Laoch of Chicago said...

I think actual aliens should adopt this as their signal to each other.

My Little Corner said...

Hey Loach - that's a really good idea!