Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Evil Cookies Lurking in My House

During the Christmas holidays I picked up a package of white chocolate chips as in impulse purchase and made a batch of cookies which was gone within days and more bags of white chocolate chips were bought for me with the request to make a double batch. Which I did. Which was eaten almost as fast.

This weekend, I set out once again and made a double batch but they were being eaten off the cooling rack almost as fast as I could put them. Personally I think they don't get flavour until they cool off but Jp and The Kid didn't seem to share my opinion.

Before I could clean up, I was asked to make another double batch - but I was out of white chocolate chips so I had to use Butterscotch chips. That didn't seem to slow anyone down. And a young boy hung around the kitchen table claiming he only ate cookies if he asked permission. I'm pretty sure some disappeared in between the requests.

I can't eat just one. As much as I try:
 "Only 1", I say. 
"Oh but just one more" 
"Okay last one" and ...

...so it goes. These cookies are so evil in fact, that when taking the above photo I put it back because I know I can't stop at one. Oh yeah, he looks so innocent over there in that photo, all  by himself - but that's the problem, he's never alone! And after 4 or 5 I don't feel so good, my head reeling from the sugar and my energy level crashing making it hard to finish the afternoon at work. I don't know how the others are surviving, they don't seem to have such an issue with their sugary goodness.

Four dozen cookies baked on Sunday - that's over 120 cookies.
Less than 50 remain 48 hours later.
Maybe it's not me that has to fear them....

Run for your lives little cookies, it's dangerous in this house! 


Laoch of Chicago said...

Sounds like it is time to invest in a house treadmill so more cookies can be consumed.

Rick Watson said...

Dang, why did they have to be white chocolate? No mortal person could resist those :)

Teena said...

I don't bake because I'd end up eating it.