Sunday, January 20, 2013

Finished Projects for the week

Well I'm kinda proud of myself - I made and finished three projects this week.

First these Vancouver City Wristers in a lovely soft grey donegal (a yarn with flecks of other material)

These are interesting to me because they have the appearance of being cabled but they are not, the pattern is made by increases and decreases - not by holding stitches on a needle and passing them behind (or in front) as you do when you make cables.

Then these Jade/Teal Green Wristlets  in a Peruvian Highland Wool - too bad the colour is so off in this photo, because it's actually a very rich jewel tone.
I used my little mini digital camera because I have a gorilla pod for it and it has an easy timer, but it's been a while since I used it, maybe I should've turned off the flash because it's a sunny day today and it seems to have really affected the colours - the actual colour of the wristlets is actually the third colour from the left:
See how completely different it is? And I've tried several other times to capture that colour but I neve get close to that lovely jade as it should be.

I had just taken off my nail polish - what was I thinking - so I sorta hid my hands today. I will have to re-shoot these two photos.

And third, I made this little Doggie Baseball Jersey - it'll fit a 20 pounder or so.


I didn't have any one particular dog in mind, I just wanted to make this sweater. I am very pleased with how it turned out. The raglan sleeves have lovely decreases and it all sewed together very nicely. As well, it's a nice loose knit making it easy to get on and off Fido. Now I just need to find a doggie model.

And in other news, we had our soffits redone this weekend  - ripping out the old painted press board and replacing them with proper white aluminum soffits. They are awesome. Now the roof can breath better and it's all finished nicely without any rotting, done professional so everything's finished very well. The guys will come back soon to install a new front and back door and then our next big outdoor project is painting the house, but that's going to have to wait until at least May so everything can dry out. I also need to decide whether I'm going to keep the same colour scheme (blue and white) or change colours - I'm thinking maybe a dark taupe with white and/or black accents.

Oh and you know what else? It was a very beautiful sunny day yesterday - a wee bit cold (-3 celsius) but a glorious sunny day. It was so nice for all of us to be able to work outside and not have to do it in our typical January rain. I am so very grateful for the sun! How glorious. And today too, so soon I'll be off to walk Eco.
Hope you're having a swell Sunday too. Whatcha doin?


Laoch of Chicago said...

The new color scheme really should have a lot of purple in it.

My Little Corner said...

Hi Loach - intrigued, tell me more - what kind of purple and where and why?

Laoch of Chicago said...

Royal Purple like the Robes of the Senators o Ancient Rome.

This will not be sensible but it will be a good conversation starter.

My Little Corner said...

ooh I like that very much! Give the old british ladies on my street something else to talk about!