Monday, February 11, 2013

BC's First Family Day

Today is a statutory holiday in BC - for many years workers in this province asked for a day off between New Years and Easter, especially when other provinces in Canada had a holiday. This year is our first one. Somewhere along the way there was a vote on when it should be (no one I know knew anything about this vote) and it was decided that since we are unique people we should have it the week before the rest of the country. For many this probably doesn't make much difference, but if you're a national business you have potentially lost two business days in the shortest month of the year   - one for our holiday and one the rest of the country. As well, my family is in another province. Perhaps if we had the holiday on the same weekend one of us would have travelled to see family? Nope, not gonna happen. 

Today is also a special day here at Way Out Wear headquarters because it's the 7th Blogaversary. Yes, I have been writing to you for seven years. Reflecting on that time  one of the biggest things that has changed is my readers - not one person who was with me in the beginning is here with me now - except family. That's just part of being a grown-up isn't it? As the saying goes "people come into your life for reason, a season or a lifetime". I hope you are with me for a long time as I really do enjoy your comments and your company. 

Other things that have changed over the past seven years, just to name a few: 
1) Both my dogs, Maxx and Jazz are no longer with me but now I share my life with my wonderful chocolate lab, Eco. There were lots of stories about Maxx's epilepsy and lots of stories about Jazz's noise phobia, and lots of puppy raising stories
2) I got married
3) I started a business
4) I've changed my page layout and background at least 20 times
5) We replaced our old cars with new ones
6) countless knitting, crochet and embroidery projects
7) multiple thrift store adventures
8) too many stories about the weather
9) lots of cooking/baking stories 
10) and funny things about the family. 

So thank you readers for sharing my journey with me, I'm glad you're part of my family. 


Laoch of Chicago said...

I hope your next seven years will be filled with joy and triumph.

My Little Corner said...

Many thanks Loach! And thank you too - I enjoy reading your comments!

Kris said...

Happy blog-aversary!
I hope you enjoyed your family day! I'm so glad we finally have it! It is really is too bad that it isn't at the same time as the rest of the country! I hope we'll soon get a holiday in June- National Aboriginal Day would make a really good stat!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Kris - I agree, I hope it joins the rest of the country too