Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mixed-Bay O' Weather

Today is one of those winter days that is nice to look at but not so nice to be in because it's going between sun and cloud and wind and rain spit. It's fun to look out the window to see the big clouds rolling by but gee I had to zip and unzip and take off and put on my coat a bunch of times.

I'm kinda glad I'm back home now.

Other people musta felt similar because we were the only ones in the dog park - it's not so fun to be in a park by yourself, although Eco makes her own fun jumping fences, sniffing trees and then running through muddy little creeks. It's a good thing she's dark brown so I don't really know how dirty she got. By the time I towelled her off at home it didn't look so bad. Silly little dog.

I lost my creative mojo this past week after I got news from one of my potential customers that $500+ were spend on shop similar to mine in the US. Congratulations to that shop but dang I thought I had it in the bag - so to speak. I've been sort of re-thinking my direction and working on marketing more. I guess there's always something to work on.

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Laoch of Chicago said...

Sadly marketing is just as important as product quality in most cases.