Monday, February 18, 2013

French Boucle Cowl

I'm kinda in between projects and I've kinda lost my crafting mojo so I was floating around looking for a project that would grab me when I came across two skeins of 100% french bouclé wool in burgundy. It's a big heavy wool and to me if felt like I should make a cowl out of it, so I check the suggested stitch count on the label and measured an approximately size of what I wanted the cowl to be, created my own pattern - et voila! Here's my finished cowl:

I've been wearing it almost steadily for two days and really like how it came out, it's very nice to have it wrapped around my neck and not have to deal with the ends coming loose like some scarves do:

Besides completing a project in about 2 hours, this yarn was also a bargain as I bought it on sale - 2 skeins for $3!  Now that's a good knitting project!


Laoch of Chicago said...

You should do a line of those. Perhaps in an array of colors.

davut tezcan said...

Now that's a good knitting project!

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My Little Corner said...

Thank you Loach - I would love to make more of these, that's for sure!