Sunday, February 17, 2013


Eco and I were out for our daily walk when suddenly I'm aware of a clicking sound - like when the tip of your high heel has come off and you're walking on the nail. I looked down at Eco but she was just trotting along, not limping or favouring a foot - but still the clicking persisted, so I stopped her and like a ferrier I picked up her right back leg - all looked fine, then I picked up her left back leg and saw that the pad was shiny, what?  - and  when I touched it off popped a hazelnut shell!

Eco had somehow managed to perfectly step on the shell and the shell had somehow managed to perfectly fit on her pad and so she carried on, happily out for her daily walk.

I had flicked the shell to the ground, but after two steps I decided to return to pick it up and take a better look at it. And to take a better look at how it perfectly fit on her foot pad. And I chucked to myself for a little while at the silly coincidence. Have you ever had something like that? 


Laoch of Chicago said...

Wow. That hasn't happened to me but I have noticed that cats, more than dogs, are very stoic. So they can be sick or in great pain and not show any sign of it.

Rick Watson said...

That's wild what the pups can pick up. We had a German Shepard some time ago and he somehow got a root the size of you finger stuck in the roof of his mouth between his teeth. He kept yawning and moaning. I finally looked in his mouth and pulled the root out. Very strange.

My Little Corner said...

Loach - you're absolutely correct, I've heard vets comment on that very fact - it's hard to know how much pain relievers to prescribe because the animals don't always show pain (it's a survival mechanism)

Rick - I've heard about sticks being caulking in dog's mouths and fortunately I haven't had it happen to one of my dogs - which is quite amazing because my dog is really a Labra-beaver! LOL! Can't keep her away from sticks!