Friday, February 08, 2013

Looking for a Little Mermaid

I just finished this little mermaid set which includes the tail, shell bra and starfish headband - now I just need a little mermaid to bring it to life!
The whole set

Closer view of the tail
Fin Detail

You need to see it in person because I think the yarn is absolutely perfect - it's a smooth strand, not really twisted, giving it a soft underwater effect and the blue/green transition is lovely. I just need to get some photographers to see it. And so making the items is only 1/2 of the work, the other half is the marketing and emailing it to potential buyers and getting exposure. And it really is about 1/2 the job.

Oh and if you're interested in making one for yourself, pattern credit goes to:


Kris said...

I love this! And the colours are perfect!

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Kris - yes I was very pleased with myself for finding this yarn too