Thursday, February 07, 2013

On Tuesday our dishwasher wouldn't run so yesterday the repairman was here. It turned out to be a broken wire to the door, a small fix and we were up and running - thank goodness. Now you might think this is no big deal and wonder why I'm telling you - but here's the thing - my parents bought this portable Maytag dishwasher in 1972. Yup that's right. It's 40 years old. I believe my mom ran the dishwasher every night (she always did it when us kids were sleeping) for all the years we were growing up and then even after we all moved out. When she moved, her new house had a built in dishwasher and so she gave this one to me as we have a small kitchen and could use it. So now for about 10 years Jp and I have used the dishwasher - we run it maybe 3 times a week (more when The Kidd is here) and I've only had to have it repaired once about 5 years ago.

And this is why I'm in no rush to replace it. They really don't build things like they used to. Granted my father maintained it really well and repaired/replaced parts as time when on, but really it's been quite the workhorse. I checked it out on line, and there are some gearheads out there who swear by these old machines they really do run extremely well.

Sometimes newer isn't better


Rick Watson said...

You got that right. We're lucky if we get 5 years out of appliances these days.
Our washer and driers are both from the refurb appliance place. They were old units that were refurbed. They've lasted a long time and we're thrilled.

Laoch of Chicago said...

My solution is pretty old school: I wash and dry by hand.

My Little Corner said...

Rick - that's a good idea too. I had a refurbed washer and dryer years ago that did very well.

Loach - I used to say "I'll wash and God dries" as I left them on the rack