Saturday, May 11, 2013

Back to routine

Sorry it's been so quiet around here, I was busy rehearsing for Shimmy Mob  today:

 ...  primary objective is to raise donations and awareness. Funds raised via Shimmy Mob will be donated to Abused Women and Children shelters throughout the world.
 This was only my second performance in anything, ever and so I've been having anxiety dreams for about a week. (I look forward to sleeping well tonight.) But I felt I had a pretty good grasp on the choreography this time and had a good group of ladies to dance with. They were fabulous! Everything went very well. The only not-so-good part is that where Jp was sitting, I was behind another dancer so even though he video'd it, I can barely be seen. But I believe I was completely in view of our facilitator who was also recording it on a tripod so once she posts that I might be able to get a better idea how I did. 

Many of the ladies went on to two or three other events today and so it may be a while before I can share some photos, but I promise I will. 

Here's a video from the Singapore group: 

And with most performers, it amazes me - months of practice, hours of rehearsal, hours for costuming, hours to get performance ready all for a 3 minute song. I guess that's what some actors must go through - and then to find out their scene was left on the cutting room floor? Big lunch box let down!

There were over 50 countries and about 150+ groups around the world performing today - which also is World Bellydance Day. Here's a video clip from Erie, PA

Now it's back to my regularly scheduled programming - just dance practice, and housework and gardening, and work work and blogging and all the other stuff that fills my days. No performing this summer (not that I know of). Although I have to admit that today went quite well, so I wouldn't be surprised if before you know it I've signed up for something again! 

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