Monday, May 06, 2013

Bear Country

Goodness! My American friends must think all of us Canadians live in the bush when I tell them that during this morning's dog walk Eco and I found ourselves 12' from a bear! We are in a residential, suburban neighbourhood but we are on the side of a mountain so nature is never really too far away in my community.

As I was walking along, I spotted dark fur above some plants, and my first thought was "that's too tall for a dog" and I was cautious because a loose big dog is not a good thing but as I got closer I saw it was a bear - also not a good thing to run into. It was a young, smaller bear and my next thought was "where's it's mama?" and my third thought was "I should take a picture" but safety rules and I knew that allowing myself to be distracted by a camera would be a bad idea, especially since I was still expecting to see another one. By now the bear, who hadn't responded to me talking to it or waving my arms, was just standing still watching up as we crossed the road and distanced our selves. Once we got far enough I snapped this:

And then the bear went up the steps to the elementary school - it was 6am this morning and I'm sure he carried on and will be long gone before the kids get near. But don't worry, I did report it just in case.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Deeply alarming in a primal kind of way.

My Little Corner said...