Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One thing makes me happy, and one thing makes me sad

This makes me sad: 

What is it? It's the dead trunk of my curly willow tree. It's about 10 years old and it just died. It started out this spring with leaves as it normally does and then suddenly nothing - it just dried up. I don't know if some mole ate the roots or what - we had a pretty normal wet/sunny spring - all I can think of is the six weeks of dry weather we had last summer - maybe I let it get too dry - but then why it leafed out this spring I have no idea. Now, it's dead and I just couldn't stand looking at the brown dried up leaves any longer, so I cut off all the dead branches to lessen the reminder. I had to leave the trunk as it was just so pretty and decorative. I've always loved the curly willow for it's lovely shape - so I guess I'll be on the hunt for a new one. Still, I am sad it's gone.

When we were kids, we lived in some of the more remote areas of British Columbia and people had larger yards and they had willow trees. As kids we loved to play under the canopy of the branches, hidden in a secret world - away from the prying eyes of adults who would tell us what not to do! (kids perception). Several years ago I found out that my brother (the one who's 3 years older than me) also has a fondness for willow trees. I guess he had the same happy memories as I did. Unfortunately since those days it's been said that a normal willow tree should not be planted too close to your house and the roots love moisture and end up damaging your house's foundations and underground plumbing. And most of us now live in city lots where it's much too dangerous to have a willow tree so close to our houses.  Curly willows are smaller and don't have the same reputations so I extra enjoyed this tree in my yard.

Yes I hung a garden sign on it. I'm thinking of decorating the shapely trunk with maybe other signs or maybe a solar light or two. If I can't enjoy the tree, maybe I can still enjoy it's pretty curly/curvy trunk?


Meanwhile, this came in the mail today all the way from England:

It makes me happy. I just love needle felting and sewing with felt sheets. I know - you wouldn't know it, since I rarely make things with felt these days. This magazine lights my fire and inspires me. Maybe now you will see more things from me made with felt.

Normally I buy digital editions of magazines, but I just knew I needed this in the paper format - and boy was I right ( I should be, after all, since it's myself I am talking about! LOL) I want to make, make, make.


Laoch of Chicago said...

There was a weeping willow in my yard when I was a boy. It was a grand tree: majestic.

My Little Corner said...

See? So many of us have fond memories of them - but where are they now?