Saturday, September 28, 2013

Catch - Up

I really hate being away from my blog for so long, and at first it was just going to be a couple of days while I was visiting my mom, but then I was home for 1 day and had to go away for two more and then, well, next thing you know more time has passed that I intended. Do you like that answer better than saying "I've been busy?"

My visit with my mom didn't end so well for her. Sadly she started experiencing extreme leg pain and so I took her to the emergency last Saturday night. I stayed with her until around 5:30am when they said they would soon admit her to the hospital. I have to say her experience in emergency wasn't a pleasant one. Besides overly defensive nurses and doctors, excessive delays (they didn't check in on her or talk to her between 1am and 5am) and the horrid sounds of other patients puking and groaning etc. But there wasn't much we could do, she was in extreme pain and couldn't walk and I was afraid things had the potential to get much worse for her so we had to stay.

Once she was admitted things and moved to another ward, things were much better. The nursing staff was much nicer and she was getting checked on regularly by one doctor/specialist or another. Unfortunately for her it was her birthday - not fun to spend your birthday in the hospital - but she seemed in pretty good spirits anyway. Multiple tests have been done for multiple issues and she's still in the hospital one week later. I hope she'll be able to go home soon and resume her independent living. It's unfortunate that she lives so far away (it's an hour flight plus a three hour drive -so at least 4-5 hours of travel after all is done).

Summer's finally over for us, we're back to the rain, and today I think we made up for all the rain we didn't have this summer in one afternoon - can you say "monsoon"? I knew you could (Mr. Rogers reference).

Once again I will have to catch up on many of your blogs as well. I'm feeling a bit of a panic as Halloween is only 33 days away and Christmas is now less than 90. I need to hustle to make things and buy gifts and I'm feeling a wee bit nervous. Hope you're well, more to follow shortly.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Ugh. Good wishes to your mom.

My Little Corner said...

Thanks Laoch!

Andree Tracey said...

Having been to the emergency room with my dad many times, I can relate. It's always been a long and grueling experience! Hope your mom is doing better!

My Little Corner said...

Hi Andree sorry that you too have to experience that. She's still in the hospital but her spirits are up and it sounds like she might be able to go home soon. And she might be able to move around on her own as well. thanks for your concern