Saturday, September 14, 2013


Within 1/2 hour from arriving at our house, he's already managed to spill his potato salad off his plate onto my cloth placement on one side and over squirt ketchup on the other site. Then while cleaning up the dinner plates he fumbles his glass and it breaks. And this is why I have kept his plastic placemat. It felt a little cruel, but it'll sure help with the clean up

Goodness, no wonder they say teenagers are expensive!!!

He also told me he had 4 hours of YouTube to catch up on. I tried to encourage him to forget about catching up and just 'be here now' but he said he couldn't. What if is best friend references the stuff that he's missed and then decides to get new friends.?.. of course that's silly as these two have been friends for years. The burdens the youth have. I'm just trying to figure out when I'll get my mortgage paid off, or if I'll ever be able to afford retirement.... is that just as trivial? Some say worry is a waste of time. Maybe I should just 'be here now" as well?

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Rick Watson said...

Yikes! Four hours of YouTube. I'd rather jab a pencil in my eye :)