Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fall Weather

There's lots of local talk about our record breaking September weather - for having the most amount of rain on the most amount of days. It definitely was a wet one. It felt like we caught up for all the rain we missed throughout the summer. And some days it was more like a monsoon that our usual fare.

But today it's sunny. At least so I am told. The morning radio hosts were talking about the glorious orange sun this morning, so I excitedly looked out the window, only to see..... FOG. We finally get sun but how would I know!? I kinda looks like this:

Welcome to Autumn in a Rain Forest! Sometime this afternoon I should get to see what all the fuss is about - hopefully the sun'll stay long enough for me to see it. How's your fall weather?

Photo credit:,_California.jpg


Laoch of Chicago said...

We're are having record highs here, all week.

My Little Corner said...

You are very lucky!!! Remember that when you're buried in snow...ha ha ha ;-)