Saturday, October 12, 2013

For the love of a Junkie

There's been quiet a bit of buzz in girl/women-world during the last couple of days - from what I can gather, the TV show Glee aired an episode that said goodbye to the character played by Cory Montieth. For those of you not female between the ages of 12 and 40 (me neither) apparently it was very upsetting for them. These are real comments I have personally seen by people I know (sadly).
Note to self.... DO NOT EVER watch Glee's season finale farewell to Finn within the hour of clients arriving. I'm a disaster! Blubbering mess. So sad knowing how real the acting was for that episode.

Note to EVERYONE!!! Watching last nights Glee episode and eating cereal for breakie at the same time is a big mistake! Tears filled my bowl, milk was everywhere from sobbing and it's hard to blow your nose with mini wheats in your mouth! RIP Cory Monteith

The reason? He died in a Vancouver hotel room in July from an accidental drug and alcohol overdose.
I don't have much tolerance for drug users - it's different if you're poor and living in the skids and don't have good people to guide your or don't know how to get help.  And it would be one thing if he was your brother or son, then I would get that you are upset but he was an actor that didn't even know these people ruining their day with blubbering tears even existed. There was no reason for him to mess with these drugs, he had access to all sorts of professional help and support. I said something similar on Facebook, and one of my 'friends" posted this:

My sweet friend had this as her post today. I wonder what people think of this. I think, for me, it isn't about how he died, but rather that a young, talented life was lost. Also, I have lost a few people who made the wrong decisions in life, but I refuse to remember them by the bad decisions or by the demons they struggled with. Rather I'd like to remember them for all the wonderful they were. Also...It's sad when any life is lost at any age and for any reason....when famous people pass away I think it allows us to release some of the sadness and grief we still have in us from our own losses. That's just my reasoning. :)

and here are some replies to her post:

  • reply # 1 =There is no such thing as a junkie, Cory Monteith was a person who used drugs. This does not define a person and certainly doesn't overshadow the loss suffered by those who were touched in some way by all the other things he was.
  • reply # 2 -  I think that it's sad that one human would refer to another human as being just a "junkie". I think the only people who can judge are the ones who have never made any mistakes.
  • reply # 3 = He was someones son, someones friend, someones love. I pray after I die people don't think I'm not worth remembering with fondness based on my mistakes, I'm hoping they will remember me with fondness in spite of them.
  • reply # 4 = Well put Alison - completely agree with you !! Plus they say we can't feel compassion for others unless we have compassion for ourselves...
Yes you can feel bad for him. I get that. It's a shame. It's a loss.  But to let the actions of a celebrity - someone you don't know, someone who you rarely get the true story about - ruin your day, I'm not sure I understand how that works. So go ahead - tell me what you think? I asked the question, I can handle it. I'd love to hear your replies. 

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Laoch of Chicago said...

I think people are flawed. They make bad decisions, they are often slaves to their biology. I think it is ok to have an emotional response to someone you felt a connection to, even if you did not know them, as empathy is a good quality to cultivate.