Monday, November 04, 2013

Speaking of Dogs

Remember how I mentioned the other day about resetting Eco's internal clock? Well, I had forgotten all about Daylight Savings Time!! Now, she's waking up at 4:30am! Dang it!! I guess I can expect at least a month before I can sleep in. (sigh) the things we do for our beloved furry family!

And speaking of dogs, I'm a wee bit excited about this dog I made for my shop:

Just a quickie phone photo - since I broke my good camera. He has button eyes, a felt nose and a gros grain ribbon for a collar plus he has wires in his legs to make him posable. I plan to made some other colours/breeds too. I think he'll make a cute Christmas decoration so I think I'll add a thin red ribbon so he can hang in a tree. What do you think?


Little Treasures said...

Ohhh.. it is so CUTE!
We've adjusted well to the daylight changes, but as we do not have any furry friends I cannot be of much help.

Way Out Wear said...

Thanks anyways Little Treasures! LOL!