Monday, November 11, 2013

Oopsey doodle! I let time slip away from me again. Another week has gone by - goodness! Where have I been? Well first my day job has kept me really busy and by the time I'm done work I'm kinda done with all computers! Zapped of energy and ideas.

Next, I've been rushing to get as many things as I could in my shop. I had a little assembly line of baby top hats going since they've become popular as snowman/snow baby hats - especially for Christmas portraits. I've been making them with red hat bands and a matching scarf now as well.

Now we're at the end of our Remembrance Day long weekend -  but I decided to put in a couple hours of overtime for work and then wanted to get productive in my shop. Basically doing everything except being on a computer.

I did follow tradition and participate on the Remembrance Day programming on TV. I have never missed one yet. I have always felt the need to remember since my mother was very much affected by WWII and my grandfather fought and was injured in the war as well. I have always been grateful to soldiers and their families as they give up so much for us - in today's address the student poem had a wonderful line -something to the effect of " war gets in the way of what we're fighting for". I wish I could find her poem so I could share it with you.

Well back to sewing and stitching and photographing etc. It's a busy time of year!

And you? Are you busy too?


Laoch of Chicago said...

Baby hats sounds like a good business.

Way Out Wear said...

Thanks! Not enough to quit my day job yet. The good news is that more customers are being created daily!!