Thursday, December 19, 2013

One last cat video

Ok, one more cat video. Below you will see a video of a women kicking snow in a stray cat's face. She said she was trying to protect her mom's dog although the cat hadn't done anything yet. After the women pushed back the cat, the cat then attacked her causing the woman to slip and fall.

The women ended up with bite marks and scratches that became swollen and infected. The cat? They put him down and tested him for rabies.

One stupid action by this women not only caused injury to herself but caused the poor cat to loose it's life. It really bothers me how people aren't responsible enough to take care of animals kindly and gently - but I guess I really shouldn't be surprised because we don't take care of each other kindly or gently either. Stepping off soap box now.....  


I'm going to switch back to happy  holiday messages from here until the end of the year, sound good?