Friday, December 20, 2013

Snow Day

It was a little too bright outside when I woke up this morning so I knew instantly it had snowed. We have about 3" at the moment although it's starting to turn to wet snow or snow/rain. This is good snow for snow men but not good snow for shovelling because it's wet and heavy.

Today is a vacation day for me, so I am enjoying a break from work. This morning I made this mouse ornament

It's rare for Vancouver to have snow before Christmas so I'm sure it'll all be gone for the weekend and we'll be back to a green Christmas by Wednesday. How are you surviving the winter?


Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice ornament.

Little Treasures said...

Love the cute ornament!
Here we have had rime for the past couple of days and a heavy smog - heavily polluted so we try to get away from the city every single time we can.