Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How I spent my Family Day

So what did I do with my extra (rainy) day off?

  • made the hubz breakfast in bed
  • did the dishes
  • baked vanilla cupcakes
  • did the dishes
  • made lunch 
  • did the dishes
  • walked the dog
  • made orange flavoured frosting for the cupcakes 
  • iced the cupcakes
  • did the dishes
  • brought the hubz cupcakes and coffee
  • ran the dishwasher
  • took some finished project photos
  • showered
  • got dressed (hair and make-up + dance practice costume)
  • ate some dinner (leftovers)
  • went to dance class
  • came home went to bed. 

Is that good?
I think I wash dishes too much. How does that happen? Probably because of my cooking/baking motto - "right tool for the job"

Here's what the cupcakes looked like:

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