Monday, February 17, 2014

Remember the Cheese

On Thursday I wanted to go out for dinner. We hadn't been out for a while and it was the night before payday and I had been craving sushi all day. I made the suggestion to Jp, and he immediately said "Subway". Right then and there the interest in sushi was gone (it's okay - we can't usually get out of a sushi restaurant for under $50 anyway). Then he mentioned Five Guys so I agreed. I knew that since he was driving we'd probably end there anyway. The nearest Five Guys is about a 40 minute drive but hey, we were out of the house and having a conversation and there wasn't any traffic.

We ordered our hot dogs with grilled mushrooms and onions and shelled our peanuts waiting in anticipation for our yummy hot dogs and fries-that-taste-so-good-but-aren't-good-for-you when the manager came over and asked how we're doing. Uh-oh, something was up.

Apparently our dogs jumped off the spatula and they had to make some more, he apologized and gave us some fries to keep us happy. No big deal, he handled it perfectly.

Everything was too delicious, except after we finished eating our hotdogs Jp remembered that we also usually ordered cheese on our hotdogs to make them even better. Dang! We only get to go to Five Guys about twice a year. Next time we'll remember the cheese.


Laoch of Chicago said...

There is a 5 guys near me that I eat at once in a while. They have decent food although it never feels healthy.

Way Out Wear said...

Yes that's probably why we just have the hot dogs and only eat there twice a year!! But dang, those are some good fries