Sunday, March 23, 2014

I'm feeling awkward

Today I'm going to a .. hhmmm.. I don't know what to call it - it's a conference of a sort for dance. There will be costuming and jewellery vendors, performances,  workshops and food. The local dance association holds this bazaar twice a year. Today several performers from my studio will be going so I will be there in hopes of buying some new costuming, support my fellow dancers and perhaps take a workshop.

It's a wee bit of a drive, so I posted in our group on facebook "would anyone like to carpool with me?" Since it's Facebook I assumed that people who were my friends would post a reply. But then I get a message from someone I've never met before saying that our dance instructor told her to contact me for a ride.

Gee, what was I supposed to do? So I agreed. I didn't know how to get out of it.

Now I will be driving with someone for at least an hour to the show and then home again. I hope she doesn't want to stick by my side the whole day - I'm not a good shopper and really don't want someone standing next to me all day (is that mean?).

It all seems a bit awkward. I'm trying not to think about it. I keep telling myself to be more zen - maybe she'll be really nice and it'll all work out. Maybe I have to trust my instructor - if she recommended this lady to contact me, maybe this person will be okay.

Off I go, I'll let you know how it worked out. Do you ever get these situations that seem like a good idea, and then they seem to go awry in ways you didn't think about?

UPDATE: Nope. Sadly it didn't go so well. When I picked her up, her first words were not "Hi, I'm Maureen, nice to meet you"  -they were "I didn't think you'd show up". Followed by "Can we stop at 7-11 first?" She was a smoker, which I'm not used to anymore, so her heavy smoke smell in my car was rather unpleasant. No, we did not connect. In fact, at first I was a wee bit angry for my instructor to have sent this person my way. It was no favour to me, but who knows, maybe it really helped this woman out as she wouldn't have been able to go if she hadn't gotten a ride from me.

No good deed goes unpunished?

It's over, lesson learned.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Hopefully a serendipitous friend will arise from your journey.

Sam and Fluff said...

Aww read the update. Sorry it didn't go well!