Monday, March 03, 2014

The answer is "jazz"

Don't you hate it when you know something about yourself but you ignore it or do it anyway? Like the times you eat spicy foods knowing that you usually end up turning red and coughing, but you still try that jalapeno dish?

Well here's my 'bang hand on forehead"  / "I coulda had a  V8" moment. Things haven't been going to well for me at work. Personnel issues, respect issues, work volume issues - you name it. It's a struggle every day.

But here's the thing.

Jazz music. Yup. It really does something for me. When I hear it, it just feels right. It feels like it belongs in my body. It feels like it's part of my body.  And bonus - instant mood uplifter too. So about a week ago I realized that I should be listening to Jazz when I'm having one of those difficult moments at work. But have I done it? Nope.

Do I have a good reason?


But maybe this light public self-shaming will remind me that I should take a jazz break when the work crud starts to blacken my day. I'll let you how it goes.

1 comment:

Laoch of Chicago said...

Sometimes ennui gets the best of us. I hope your work stuff improves.