Monday, April 07, 2014

Movie Moods

(spoilers ahead - you've been warned)

Sometimes you need to be in a certain kind of mood to watch a certain kind of movie. I was not in the mood to watch Inside Llewyn Davis this weekend - one reason was the damn cat - I couldn't help but be stressed as Llewyn carried the cat through the city and onto the subway and then the scene where he's driving back from Chicago in the snow and thinks he hit something. There are whole Facebook groups about " I don't care who dies, as long as it's not the dog" and other similar groups.

I tell ya, my nerves couldn't take the stress of worrying about that damn cat.

I had heard good things about the movie.
I thought it was going to be on the humorous side.
I did not expect the movie it was

It is a good movie, but I suggest you make sure you're in the right mood for it. Do your homework. And who knows, maybe it won't affect you as it did me.

Consider yourself warned....

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