Sunday, April 06, 2014

I'm dreaming of little seedlings and popsicle sticks

Okay, finally the weather has gotten into the double digits (celsius that is) so it finally feels warm enough to even think of gardening. Even though there are very few plants in bloom the hummingbird has already been spotted, so I'm helping him out by putting up a feeder.

I usually have to skip feeders as it seems that everyone except the intended guest visit them. Starlings on the suet, bees and wasps on the hummingbird feeder and of course the absolute worst offender was the dang bear that scrunched over $200 worth of feeders a couple of years ago. Oh, and I forgot to mention the pesky squirrels.

And every time I put out food I have  to contemplate those that feed on them - should I discriminate against nature? Is is wrong to feed Juncos and Sparrows and Chickadees but not Starlings? Is it bad to allow wasps at the hummingbird feeder? So what do I do? I usually don't put out feeders  and leave it up to my neighbours to deal with the pesky squirrels and starling fights.

But it's early and I'm feeling generous so for now I'll leave out the suet and hummingbird food.

And then I can back to dreaming about my garden - this year I'd like to try "square foot gardening" - are you familiar with it? Any advice?

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Laoch of Chicago said...

I accept your symbolic action as a sign that Spring might start soon.