Tuesday, May 13, 2014

And disaster strikes

Yep. One of the worst things to happen to a knitter. Moths!

Tonight I was going through my knitting bag looking for a pattern when I noticed "sand" at the bottom of the bag. The bag has rarely left the house and I don't live on a beach, so I knew instantly what it was. The remnants of the case-bearing moth. Between vast amounts of wool and hair from a labrador retriever in my house - well it's a veritable smorgasbord around here!!

Look what it did to my cherished ball of baby alpaca wool:

That was a  $17 ball of the softest, most beautiful wool  and it's been reduced to 8 - 10" lengths. All I can do now it throw it in the garbage as it's too badly infected. The contents of my bag is outside and bagged in a sealed plastic garbage bag. It will be quarantined outside until I'm sure I've vacuumed up and removed all the moth debris etc.

How sad. How very sad.

And what's next? I'm going to pull out a sweater or coat next year to find holes eaten in them too? I've hung up a vapona strip in our back bedroom - I hope it kills those horrible moths (before the vapona strip kills us!) Boo to nature this time!


Laoch of Chicago said...

The months here always now which is the most expensive sweater to eat.

Way Out Wear said...

Indeed they do!