Thursday, July 10, 2014

Feeling Buggy

We had been hearing a noise in our bedroom wall for a couple of days and so we call "the bugman' to help us with it. I wasn't sure if it was ants or wasps or some other critter (snake even?). But he can't hear the sound. 

We tell him we can hear it sitting on our bed, several feet away from the wall. I can hear it at night when I try to sleep. But nope, he can't hear it. He even gets a stethoscope and puts it up against the wall but he can't hear anything. He tells us to call us when the noise returns. We end up calling him 4 times but each time he says he can't hear anything. I get the feeling he's deaf. He probably thinks we're on drugs and hallucinating. He ends up quitting on us since he can't find any signs of bugs or critters outside the house  - he gives up. 

Jp and I both can hear the sound, we pull apart all sorts of places in our house and end up finding a carpenter ant in the attic area. Well where there's one bug there must be more. So he sprays the crap out of the area and then we wait as the bug killer can take up to 2 days to work. It doesn't seem to work so he does it again, this time more aggressively in more areas. Me thinks he's finally stopped the bug problem. 

Now we just need to patch up our gyproc in our bedroom where we cut holes looking for the problem. And thumbs down to "the bugman" who must only take on the easy problems. I hope he gets his hearing checked. And I can finally sleep through the night. 

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