Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The Seven Year Itch?

We recently celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary. Some people says 'time flies" or "it feels like yesterday'. I'm not saying our marriage has dragged on in agony but our wedding day does feel like it was a long time ago. Maybe because we have been together for many, many more years before we got married? That's what I'm thinking.

Our day started out with an exchanged of cards and presents. I don't get to buy for Jp because he likes to buy his own presents, but he bought me this folding workbench/table:
And then we went out for breakfast. For the past couple of years we've been going to White Spot  which has now become a bit of a tradition. The first year we went they messed up our order and because it was our anniversary, the manager gave us our meal for free. We gave a big tip to our server and Jp wrote a letter to the company about how good she was. When we returned the following year, she was still at the restaurant and remembered us because of the letter. Apparently she made it to the front page of the  company newsletter and received all sorts of corporate recognition and I believe even a cash bonus. We returned each year because of this experience. Sadly when we returned this year, it was her day off but she does still work there, so I hope we'll see her next year!!!

Interestingly, when we went out for dinner - we received bonus food items because the restaurant is closing for a two week vacation and couldn't keep some of the food. It seems like our anniversary has become 'bonus food day'!!! LOL.

One quick note, getting back to the title - do you think this belief still happens? Maybe if you meet and get married a short time later, but since we've been together for 13 years, I don't think it still applies. Any long term marriage advice?

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