Monday, July 21, 2014

Pattern Request Long Overdue

I found it interesting that someone wrote and and requested the pattern, but also that the Calgary Herald told the story and is trying to locate the request - well done, I say! 

Here'a blurb from their blog:
The Calgary Herald has a long history of providing news to the people who have settled around the intersection of the Bow and Elbow rivers since the 1880s.
It’s not surprising to come across a yellowed page of the Herald that speaks of an era—not to mention culture, technology and prices—long past.
A 1963 ad for a $99 "practical and funful" tape recorder.
A 1963 ad for a $99 “practical and funful” tape recorder.
Today, the newsroom mailbox yielded a piece of the newspaper ripped from that past. It was an envelope neatly addressed to the “Calgary Herald Needlecraft Department”—a department, I’m sad to confirm, that no longer exists.
Inside that envelope: two dimes taped to a piece of loose leaf and a humble request dated July 9, 2014: “Please send patten No. 1859 to…”
More of the article here

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