Sunday, July 20, 2014

Going Squirrely

I'm going to be very upfront with you dear reader - I don't like squirrels. As one wise old man once said to me "Squirrels are just rats with good PR".

Luckily for the squirrels, I'm not a hunter so I won't do anything to them so we'll continue to co-exist. If I was ever inclined to feed them, then this is the feeder I'd use:


Rick Watson said...

That is a scream. I'd love to have some of those things :)

Side note. I'd lose the comment verification. Blogger catches most spam anyhow.
This verification is near impossible to do on an iPhone.
Just my thoughts.

Way Out Wear said...

Thank you Rick. I have changed the settings, thanks for the tip!

Alan Ginocchio said...

Happened across your blog by chance and the horse head squirrel immediately caught my attention. But even more exciting was realizing I had found a kindred spirit when it comes to squirrels (tree rats) in general.

Based on that alone I am sure I will return often! :)