Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sunburn Pain

We are having the most lovely weather right now, it's even made it up to 32 degrees. This is pure heaven for me. I love, love, lacey-heart-love the sun/heat. So there I was on Saturday busy refinishing a garden table sawing and sanding and painting under a canopy or so I thought.  Until later when I found out I had burned my back

It didn't hurt. Yay ! I'm usually pretty good with the sun.

But no, it was a delayed hurt. I hurt on Monday afternoon. And oh boy did it hurt. I couldn't have anything touch it. Let me tell you it was a rough night  and you know what made it worse? oh playing with the dog and having her nails scraped my red skin! WOWZA!!

Anyway, here's the table. I hope it was worth it:
Green w/white polka dots

And here's my sad dog, wanting to play, sorry that she hurt me - she didn't mean it: 

(holding her toy, sitting in an empty swimming pool) 


Andree Tracey said...

The table and chairs turned out so well it's almost worth the sunburn. Well, maybe not. Your doggie is so cute! Glad your weather is warming up. We've finally had some great weather here in Minnesota, too!

Way Out Wear said...

Thanks for the compliment Andree - and coming from an artist such as yourself, I take that as an EXTRA good compliment! Glad you're getting warm weather in Minnesota - your weather looks a lot like our weather!! Enjoy!