Thursday, July 31, 2014

Swimmin with Da Fishes

Yesterday my last goldfish died. She was big for an aquarium goldfish - over 6" long. She'd survived a lot - a little Nemo fin and damage to her gill  from what I suspect was a change in our city water supply and for the past 4 year she's had a bubbly growth coming from one gill as well, which I'm sure must have made it really difficult to swim (especially with her little stubby fin). I'd had her for over 9 years.

I know many people will not understand why I would be sad about losing this goldfish, but I am. Nine years is longer than I've been married and longer than I've had Eco. I still catch myself looking in the direction of the tank almost every time I walk into the kitchen. The tank now is gone, no more fish for us.

Goodbye fishy, time to go swimming under Rainbow Bridge. 
Perhaps as a 'reward from the universe' today I was blessed with some happy news concerning another cold blooded creature - a beautiful green garden frog!
 He'd surprised me once or twice when I was leaning down to turn on the tap to water my garden so I went looking on the interwebs to see what I could do for him. Most of the advice was 'build a pond' but I just can't do that right now, so the next piece of advice was to provide some sort of water supply and then wait for a 'built it and they will come' type of moment. And it worked!!
I took a plant saucer and put some it water in it, propped up a ceramic bowl on a rock and looky looky - I have a wonderful visitor! It was hard getting his photo as he scootched to the back of the bowl but you can see he's in there - can't you?  I am thrilled to pieces!! Welcome little frog!


Anonymous said...

This post is so typical of you. You are very observant. You learn. You care about living things as "simple" as a frog. You do something about it. It works. Wow!
Thanks for sharing a wonderful, kind story.


Kris said...

Aww, I am sorry to hear about your goldfish. We were sad when our beta died after 3 years. I still can't believe that your fish lived to be 9 years old though! And how cool that you have a frog living in your yard!

Way Out Wear said...

Thanks Kris - now see, I've never had a betta live 3 years! LOL. I think my house is too cold for them.

Yes it is very cool to have a frog in the yard - there are lots of little shells from beetles in his water so he is having a grand time there. I heard they eat slugs or slugs eggs so that's what I hope he's also helping with