Thursday, August 07, 2014


About 2 weeks ago I wasn't paying enough attention when I took a glass out of the cupboard and it hit the counter and shattered. Yes shattered- it looked more like safety glass, thousands of little cubes not big shards like most of the glasses/bottles/jars I've seen break. I had never seen this before.

And not only did it shatter but it seems to have 'exploded' because I found glass about 10' away from the scene. I'd walk into the kitchen and the summer sunlight would catch on a piece for about 2 weeks after. Jp threw the rest of the set away, he felt they were too dangerous to have. I guess hundreds of dishwasher cleanings and daily usage just put too much stress on the glass. Have you ever had a drinking glass shatter into little cubes?


Alan G said...

Unfortunately I have had similar experiences several times and they have all been in the kitchen. And its those tiny little slivers that create the nightmare for me. I never wear house shoes so when I'm up in the middle of the night I'm navigating barefoot. So any time I break something that't my first thought and finding all the glass imperative... which is probably impossible really. But so far no mishaps and being the typical man... still no house shoes! :)

Way Out Wear said...

Oh that's terrible!! I know what you mean, as careful as I was with the vacuuming and clean up, I was completely surprised to still find glass 2 weeks later. Luckily this glass broke like safety glass so it didn't hurt when stepped on, but I didn't want the dog to get hurt either.

I guess you have lots of band-aids in your house! LOL