Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coconut Confusion

One day when I was 6 years old, my family went to visit my aunt. The boys were all running around outside, but I was happily drawing and writing away (probably pretending I was a teacher) on a chalkboard.

My aunt called us into the kitchen and as a special treat she gave us all some fresh coconut. Oh it was so delicious, coconut is one of my favourite flavours. We all resumed whatever we were doing, so there I was, a fresh chunk of white coconut in one hand and a piece of white chalk in the other drawing and
writing away at the chalkboard. Suddenly I had the most horrible taste in my mouth as I ran to the toilet to spit out chalk. I guess I was so busy playing and wasn't paying attention and I got my hands mixed up. It was definitely a very memorable moment.

So you can imagine what came to mind this afternoon as I grabbed a handful of almonds with my left hand and then a handful of dog kibble for Eco with my right hand as I headed into the garden today. I made a very strong mental note to NOT get my hands mixed up! Because although the chalk tasted pretty bad, I really have no desire to find out what the dog kibble tastes like!


Andree Tracey said...

Denise, I left a comment for you on my blog - in essence, THANKS! Now I have a kibble story for you. One morning I wasn't paying attention. I put the coffee grounds in the dog bowl, and a scoop of kibble in the coffee maker! We both caught the mistake before proceeding, so it had a happy ending!

Way Out Wear said...

Oh my goodness, that is quite a switch! I bet your dog was wondering what happened!!! I guess you really needed that coffee!