Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dialing for Dollars

Since the beginning of September, Z95.3, a local radio station in Vancouver,  has been playing a sound for people to guess what it is. Every wrong answer and the prize money goes up $250. The pot is currently at $17,000 and I have spent the past week dialing and redialing trying to get through - once I made it to caller # 2 and once to caller # 7.

Now that the pot is getting big, everyone and their dog is calling in, but they haven't heard all the
guesses so there are many repeats (and obviously wrong answers).

Yesterday afternoon I spent between 4pm and 5pm just constantly redialing. Not how I prefer to spend an hour - but if I got through and if I won (at that time it was $14K)then the dividend would be pretty good don't you think?

I have an idea but I'm not too confident about it-but it hasn't been guessed yet. The idea that I was certain about has already been guessed so now on to plan B. go to the link, hear the sound- any guesses? If I win, I 'll split it with you

Oh boy it sure would be nice to win $17,000! I know what I'd do with it! I'd build a Tiny House or studio in my backyard - that's for sure! Plus I'd take a trip and give some money to family and to charity of course. Now wish me luck....I must start dialing and re-dialing on Monday morning.


Alan G said...

Boy this brings back a memory or two. In Little Rock back in the late fifties one of our local radio stations started a "Secret Sound" segment and the town was completely swept up in the guessing game. Even as a young teenager it was tons of fun trying to guess what the sound was.

Don't recall if anyone ever guessed what it was but when the radio station revealed what it was everyone was amazed. If you remember those old ink pens that you refilled by lifting a lever on the side of the pen and ink would flow into the pen from the ink bottle. Well they had magnified the sound of that ink pen filling with ink. How would anyone have ever guessed that? :)

Way Out Wear said...

I do know that sound and it would be tough to guess. For this one they've said that the answer may have been partially guessed I.e. If you said 'gate closing" you could be wrong if the answer is "gate opening"

Little Treasures said...

So interesting!!
I've never participated in anything similar but I bet it's super fun!
I hope you win and make yourself a studio!