Monday, October 20, 2014

Needles aren't just for Sewing

Yesterday was a beautiful and warm (22 degrees Celsius!) autumn day. And I spent most of it outside prepping the garden for winter. Putting ornaments away, covering furniture, repotting plants to take inside and reroofing the shed (I thought). Bad news was, when I pulled the roll of roofing from the shed and tried to put it on the shed it tore apart. Crap. Well I ended up nailing it up there and then covering it with a tarp - with the help of Jp and the kid.

Good thing too because today it is pouring rain. Pouring I say!!! LOL. Overly dramatic, that's me.

Welcome to winter now.

I'm itching to hang up my Halloween decorations but I have a note from last year telling myself not to do it too early as there are always some windy days that end up blowing everything all around or cause the ornaments to bang against the house. Maybe by the end of the week? One week should be fine I suppose. And yes, I could do some inside, except they are all in the same container so if I'm going to pull them out of storage, I'll do it all at once.

I've also been dealing with neck and back pain for the past little while. The good news is, it seems to be muscles and not bones. I'm just really tight. A little voice in my head keeps telling me to get back to yoga and as of this morning, I could no longer ignore her. So after I got up and fed Eco, this morning I did a bunch of poses. Then this afternoon I went for some acupuncture. I feel better at the moment and tonight is dance class so that should loosen me up a bit as well. We'll see how that goes.

Do you have any experience with acupuncture?


Andree Tracey said...

Acupuncture really worked for me. I had carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist ten years ago. It was so bad that the doctor said nothing short of surgery would work at this point (I had ignored it for over a year). I opted for acupuncture instead. It was a very stubborn case, and I went for 3 months, twice a week, but in the end, it was cured and has never returned. Even the lump on my wrist caused by nerve scarring disappeared, which apparently was a bonus. I went to 3 acupuncturists before I found someone I liked. I say, give it a whirl, girl! Good luck!

Way Out Wear said...

Oh that's good to know. I've only had two treatments so far. I've managed to clear the tightness in my upper back but still have headaches along the side of the neck and temples. I'm back doing yoga and trying to stretch whenever I can. Glad to know that it worked for carpal tunnel too - maybe I'll tackle that after I get rid of my headaches. Thanks for giving me hope!