Monday, October 13, 2014

Slipper Thief

Well no sign of that diamond and I have to say it's not without effort. My sweet dance instructor (who was recovering from surgery) plus several students and other instructors turned the dance studio upside down and even combed though the vacuum bag. I was so touched by the number of people who helped me look for it.

I  too stood outside for about twenty minutes feeling my way through all the dirt from my vacuum and numerous people have offered prayers and hopeful stories reminding me not to give up; stories about finding missing stones years later in the lining of jackets or pockets or other tough to find places. But still, nothing yet.

I will keep looking of course, but my hope is fading. For now I will have to get used to seeing only my wedding ring on my left hand (first world problems eh??  I know, I know)

And speaking of things lost, today I was outside for a bit and when I came back  into the house  I couldn't see my slippers. What the heck? I know I had them on before I went outside! I had only taken them off about 20 minutes earlier. Then I realized what had happened.....

Thanks Eco.... Does your dog do this too? Mine frequently lies on cast off articles of clothing... it's like she aims for it. Silly pooch. Too bad she hasn't found my diamond yet.

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