Thursday, November 13, 2014

Still Remembering

November 11th is a statutory holiday which means people like me get the day off. Although I don't join in memorials away from home, I do spend the morning remembering usually based on various programs on TV. On Tuesday evening I watched a really interesting documentary about the Liberation of the Netherlands and Canada's part in it. Some of the stories I had heard from my mom and some of course were new.

It still amazes me that my mom's family didn't loose anyone despite bombs destroying the building next to them and trigger happy Germans who shot at little kids. It also amazes me that even though the country was seriously affected by such a horrific event, my mother and her brother barely missed any school. I believe she said there were only something like 5 days missed. What a testament to the people of Holland as well as my mother's family.

 66 million people died during World War II, that seems so hard to believe yet it did. I wonder if there will ever be a time where there isn't a war. I wish we could follow John Lennon's plea to 'give peace a chance'. Don't you?


tousled day said...

Few days ago, here in Croatia, we remembered similar event. But that "our" war was 20 years ago and we still remember events... so sad...

Way Out Wear said...

Twenty years isn't so long ago, I know you were very young but it still affected your life didn't it? Glad you are here today and may you have peace from now on!