Friday, November 21, 2014

Owl and the Gang

Sheesh, another week has gone by. Well I do have a very good reason - I have several knitting orders that I am working on completing. I've done a couple of owl hats, a couple pairs of wrist warmers and some cowl/hoods - two for little kids and two for adults.

here's one set that I just finished for a little girl who turned 9 this past week:

Her mom took her hand measurements in her sleep. She told me her had was 15 cm around (not including the thumb) so as I was knitting at the kitchen table I happened to pick up a bottle of hot sauce and found that it was 15cm around, so I used that to size her fingerless gloves. Purple is her favourite colour and she is thrilled with the set.

The one odd thing was I could not get an accurate read on the colour. I tried three different cameras and different settings and they came out wrong - often blue and not purple at all. The yarn as a deep grape colour but I just couldn't capture it.

Anyway that's what I've been doing. Taking advantage of some orders before sales die down in January.


Kris said...

These look great!

Way Out Wear said...

Thank you! Your pattern is awesome!