Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Canada Day - or is it?

~~~Happy 148 years Canada ~~~

It is a statutory holiday, meaning most of us full time employees get the day off. Except, because it is on a Wednesday, many companies and/or employees have decided to work today and take Friday off instead.

And I have a wee problem with that.
I don't feel it is very patriotic to change the day to when it suits you.

So I ask  my American Friends - known worldwide for your fierce patriotism - would this happen in the US? I can't think of any of my friends south of the border that would ever do that. The Fourth of July is practically sacred - big annual trips are planned with family and friends. It's not negotiable - or is it?

Am I wrong?

Maybe I am, but I am going to go outside and enjoy the day today. I will work Thursday and Friday while many won't because that is 'their' Canada Day.

Please enlighten me with your thoughts

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