Sunday, June 28, 2015


It was your average Thursday evening.
2330h - I was already in my pj's and ready for bed when I went to let Eco out for her last pee. I open the door and Eco explodes from the house, I see a skunk. I frantically try to recall Eco but it was too late - I saw it's little butt turn and then a spray, about 6' from her face. My night changed in an instant.

Eco came running back to the house shouldering her face on the grass, her sensitive eyes and nose probably burning. I grab a towel and wrap her up and carry her into the house, telling JP that she was skunked. I can imagine he must have been wondering what was going on. He immediately looks up remedies on the internet and tells me that I shouldn't have brought her in the house - well I wasn't going to use the garden hose on such a sweet dog and didn't feel like getting soaked in my pyjamas late at night, so to me gently washing her in the shower was the only thing to do for her.

I washed her and dried her and put all my clothes and her towels in the laundry. I was going to sleep on the kitchen floor with her, but then realized that by now the skunk smell was throughout the house. Personally I didn't mind it so much, after a few minutes I kind of got used to  - what the commercials call "nose blind".

Two days later, during my early morning walk I smelled the skunk smell on the street.  I later heard that our sweet Polish neighbours woke up from the smell and first thought it was some sort of gas leak. Another neighbour's dog also got skunked.

Either we've got a gang of skunk thugs, or one very active little guy who's trigger happy. Panic Attacks in skunks don't bode well for the rest of us.

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