Monday, July 20, 2015

No smoke, no water

The smokiness only lasted for about a week, and then we had some rain and things seemed to have gotten better for those of us in Metro Vancouver, but the heat wave continues and they've just upgraded our water conservation to a level 3 - that means no lawn sprinkling, no sprinkling, only hand held watering. Of course, no pressure washing or washing of cars. Next step, no watering at all -not even food crops. I've already lost a bunch of plants in my garden and have held off going to the garden centre because I don't know if the new ones would survive being replanted and then not getting much water.

There are several garden projects on hold;I had wanted to bring in some dirt to improve some areas of my lawn, but with an active labrador , loose dirt just gets brought into the house. So that DIY project is also off the list.

And healthwise, I'm having a bit of the same issue I had last year: tight muscles on my upper back and shoulders. Last year it got so bad that I had migraine type headaches almost everyday and seemed I was living on Tylenol or Aleve on an almost daily basis. After trying massage therapy and acupuncture (that was a disaster), I feel that physiotherapy has been helpful. I have some exercises I can do, but sometimes I still need him to "jump start" the healing. Plus he can crack my back which really helps. I'm doing my exercises and trying to work in more yoga to keep myself pliable.

We're still going through the heat wave, which is fine for me because I like the heat. But now our air conditioner has crapped out (it's only 19 years old , sheesh) and so it's a wee bit hotter than it should be in the house. This morning our thermometer said it was 19 degrees celsius outside and 25 degrees inside. I guess we know our insulation works!

So what I'm saying is - I'm moving slowly and therefore have less to share with you. But rain is coming and then watch what happens!! I'll be swinging by your blog soon to say 'hi'!

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