Sunday, September 20, 2015

Rainy Sunday

Today is one of those days. Stormy/Windy/Rainy. The kind of day you want to stay inside and watch a movie - which I did.

I got up this morning and the rain was coming down pretty hard so I didn't want to take Eco out just yet because is seems that if very rarely rains steadily all day here. So we watched The Thomas Crown Affair with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway  and sure enough, by the time it was over, the rain had stopped so out we went. But I knew it wouldn't stop for long so I still put on my rain pants and jacket and hat. But it was 18 degrees and soon I was overheated. Eco was pretty hot in her polar fleece rain coat and so I decided it would be better to dry her off at home than to have her overheat in her coat. Plus Labradors don't give two barks about the weather!

And like the old Aesop's fable where the sun and the wind messed with the guy and his cloak, off and on went my rain jacket and I even contemplated taking off my rain pants. But I didn't. Let me just says I was more than happy to come home and strip off all that hot rain gear!!

And now I go from hiking boots and rain gear (not very feminine) to doing my nails in a gold glitter nail polish and putting on a sparkly bra and belt and full length flouncy skirt for dance rehearsal. Yup, not all girly-girl princess but not a tomboy either.

Hope your sunday is a good one too, 

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tousled day said...

That end of the day sounds perfect!