Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Check in!

How you doing??? (said in my best Joey Tribiani from the TV show Friends, voice)

While various parts of Canada and the US are bracing for some pretty chilly weather these last few days, Vancouver is having to deal with what is considers cold : -4 degrees celsius (24.8F). During my frost dog walk this morning, I could not believe my eyes - I saw a hummingbird going to some feeders - I sure hope sugar water doesn't freeze, otherwise that poor little guy would have to be visiting quite a few feeders looking for on that had melted in this morning's sunlight.

I don't ever remember seeing a hummingbird here, past mid October. I will have to look up which kind these are and why they haven't migrated south.

Also when I was out driving three beautiful swans were flying south - I wish I could have taken a photo - I was driving across a bridge and there was a beautiful fog over the water, but their orange beaks were still very visible against the foggy background.

With our beautiful sunny weekend, I'm sure many people were out putting up their Christmas lights although I was not. I should have, it was the perfect winter weather to do it, but I'm busy trying to get through some Christmas orders... and so off I go - break's over!

*not  my photo*


Anonymous said...

I live on vancouver island and we have always had hummingbirds all year round. I bring in my feeders when it is freezing and they are waiting in the morning when I bring them out. They are amazing little birds and I love watching them from my kitchen table.


tousled day said...

Here on Croatia coast is quite warm for this time of year, it goes from 10 - 15 ÂșC. Well, I don't like cold so I'm happy with this. But this isn't very healthy.
Hope you're going to set everything in time for Christmas!