Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas "Time"

While others are pulling out their hair in December trying to fit in all the things they want or have to
do, I am the opposite. For months at work I have been crazy busy - there was just never a break from the volume. But by December the weather slows things down and many of the other people I work with one by one starting leaving for December breaks - this allows me to have some breathing space and start making some headway on the backlog.

As well, any orders that I have been knitting or crocheting have been shipped for Christmas and after about the middle of the month, the volume also slows down. Of course I still have things for myself I want to do, but I'm gentle with myself and don't put the same pressure on my projects. Some say 'busy' is a disease - what do you think

 I am getting nice and mellow and enjoying time to cuddle up with a good story or movie (and the hubs) and play around with some fun projects. Ah Christmas time, time to mellow out - who's with me?

How's your schedule looking, these days?

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