Sunday, December 13, 2015

Nothing Changes

Yesterday was a rainy Saturday, Jp was at the dentist and I was madly trying to finish (start and finish) another Christmas present. I ended up watching Turner Classic Movies most of the day:

-The Clock   - romance, 1945
- Suspicion - Hitchcock, 1941
- Here Comes Mr. Jordan - comedy, 1941
- Heaven Can Wait - comedy, 1943
- A Matter of Life and Death - romance, 1947

And you know what I noticed? Not much has changed in 60 years - we have many of the same problems, we say many of the same things - even the dogs look and act the same.  Oh sure there are so many things that are different, but there are still so many things the same. I think we forget that - with our smart cars and our smart phones - but really when it come down to it - we're still the same. Wouldn't you agree?

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