Sunday, May 21, 2006

Amethyst Boucle, Part 2

Here's Part 2 of the Amethyst coloured boucle - one beret and matching gator to keep mum warm this winter. There's still another skein + to go, but don't hold your breath for Part Three. Like a butterfly, I've flitted off to a different yarn, this one cream and a fluctuating blue for a pillow. I'll probably make it large with a denim fabric backing. Photos to come once a little bit more progress is made.

It's the Victoria Day long weekend, and yesterday rained all day; today it's warming up a bit. I just watched 2 episodes of Dead Like Me, which JP had rented for me. I love that show. How come all the shows I like get cancelled, like Beggars and Choosers? That was so good. Well at least I've got The Sopranos, for about another year.

Happy Sunday! So glad tomorrow's a holiday too, and I've got Friday off so it's going to be an okay work week.

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UnderThere said...

Great use of a lovely wool. The unique colour should make it extra special for your Mom. Heck, if it can look great on the Dough Boy its gotta look great on a person. Where'd you get such a big dough boy? Oh right. Let me guess. JP is a fan? ;-)